Countdown to Census Day April 1, 2020


Census data matters.

Here’s why.

Your participation brings money to improve your community.
Your participation helps ensure fair representation
Your participation is confidential and your data is protected under Title XIII

Learn how your participation makes a difference in the life of Kern County residents.

Tomas C

I'm the first person in my family to receive a college education. Without the help of Pell Grants, I would not have been able to pay for college.

Thomas C.
Corinne T

My family and I used WIC when we had our son. With the assistance and education we received from WIC, our family was able to eat nutritious food and make healthy decisions.

Corinne T.
Natalie R

The free and reduced school lunch program provides students with access to at least one healthy meal a day that some might not get otherwise.

Natalie R.
Ravi P

The Census is the cornerstones of democracy. It affects how we are represented at the federal, state and local levels. I will participate in the census to make sure I'm counted.

Ravi P.